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The Best Crystals for you based on your Astrological Sign | Virgo


This current boom isn’t the first “moment” astrology’s had, and it sure as hell won’t be the last.  Living life by the movements of the galaxy has been around in one form or another since time immemorial.  And if you’re looking to up your magickal manifesting powers…  It’s time to snag some specific crystals that align with your astrological sign!


These two popular metaphysical practices have hit the mainstream in a big way in recent years, and it seems like everyone is dabbling in a little of each. Healing crystals connect you with the nurturing energy of the Earth, astrology aligns you with the mystical and ever-changing movement of the cosmos, so when you bring the two together ~BOOM~ welcome to the place where the real magic happens.


Crystals for the Virgo

Virgo season is upon us, and while all signs should be feeling the productive vibes that come along with it, the work ethic of the zodiac’s virgins actually never slows down.  Those born under this sign are forever the butt of jokes for being nit-picky and critical (and yeah, maybe they deserve it), but when properly directed, their “attention to detail” is one of the Virgo’s best attributes.

But beware the adage “a job worth doing is worth doing well,” this is the Virgo’s mantra and it can amount to them holding people (especially themselves) to an extremely high standard.

Virgos are typically hard workers, and (more than any other sign in the zodiac) are born to serve.  They have endless energy and excel at supporting friends, colleagues, and loved ones. This makes them an asset in the workplace and wonderful friends - but sometimes at a cost to their own happiness and health!

Don’t be surprised if your company’s executive assistant is a Virgo, their dominant traits include being industrious, analytical, systematic, and efficient, and the sense of duty borne by the Virgo is considerable and ensures they’re always working for the greater good.   And despite their sometimes overly critical, fastidious natures, if anyone in their life needs help, Virgos tend to show up with bells on.

So, what is the best crystal for a Virgo?



Red Jasper

Both Virgo and Red Jasper are known for bringing much-needed practicality and clarity to any situation. Red Jasper helps the hyper-organised and analytical Virgo to focus, which allows the volatile sign to problem-solve swiftly and without a hitch.


And step aside Lithium, Red Jasper stones are the mood stabilisers we could all use a little more of these days.  RJ has nurturing energy and can help with the ancestral/inherited issues that tend to plague people born under this sign. In addition to being called a stone of justice, Red Jasper is a stone of controlled passion and is also said to enhance responsibility, choice, and compassion.



 Said to be the zodiac stone for the mercurial individuals born under the sign of Virgo, intense, energising Carnelian is the perfect stone to aid in channeling their diligent nature and manifest money and success. 


Carnelian is the perfect antidote to a bad case of the “can’ts”, like all agates, it has protective energies, and is a powerful wingman when Virgo’s negativity and self-criticism strike.  Besides its eye-catching aesthetic, Carnelian can aid memory (including past-life recall), assist in finding the right mate better than OKCupid ever could and protect from anger, jealousy and fear.  It can also help with the manifestation of your deepest desires and bring luck. 



Soothing Amethyst can encourage a spiritual element in the (sometimes overly) analytical mind of the mercurial Virgo. It provides a calm and soothing energy that promotes feelings of wellbeing, helping the perfectionist Virgo to accept what they cannot change. Inspiring an understanding and acceptance of others, Amethyst helps counteract the Virgo’s judgmental nature and improve relationships by neutralising negative energy and uplifting the spirit.



Citrine helps Virgos to reconcile the natural conflict that surrounds them, between the chaos of our world and their desire for perfection in all things.  Giving them the drive and energy they require to take action when they’re feeling depleted, Citrine is a stone that is all about getting shit done, which is what our beloved Virgos are all about.


A stone as bright as its energy, Citrine emanates more positivity and joy than a boxful of puppies, it’s a dynamic, uplifting crystal that helps Virgos see the good in all situations and just go with the flow.



Kyanite is one of those all-round crystals that's great for anyone, as it works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The high vibration and rapid transfers of energy from Kyanite create pathways where none existed before.   Like a universal bridge, Kyanite holds extraordinary powers of connection, opening the mind centres, telepathic and psychic abilities, bridging gaps in all communication efforts, and providing a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy. 


It’s a powerful stimulator of intuition (one of the Virgo’s greatest capabilities) and as a bonus, does not retain negative energy (one of the Virgo’s greatest challenges).



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