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The Best Crystals for You Based on Your Star Sign | Gemini


This current boom sure as hell isn’t the first-moment astrology’s had, and it won’t be the last either.  Living life by the movements of the galaxy has been around in one form or another throughout recorded history.


Maybe it is just because we're all desperately scrambling for something to believe in, given the current state of the world, but isn’t that a positive thing?  The fact that we’re turning to the stars for guidance and to the earth for healing shows that we’re trying to connect with the world in a way that has maybe been lacking in the lead up to the global situation we all now find ourselves facing. 


Perhaps cutting down on the distractions, switching off the omnipresent iPhone and tuning into the elements around us will help us to spiritually evolve and grow into the best versions of ourselves.


And aligning your horoscope with some modern-day-witchy crystal healing?  Well, that just takes the cake (or you know, the vegan kale chia smoothie if that’s your jam).


So, what’s the best way to combine the powers of these two practices?


While different crystals have different properties, some crystals are especially attuned to certain astrological signs.


Crystals for the Gemini

Gemini is the communicative social butterfly of the zodiac. Adaptable and quick-witted, Gemini is driven by intellectual stimulation.  Gemini’s “twin” aspect manifests itself in the sign being adaptable, taking on multiple identities and the ability to see from varied perspectives – which while admirable qualities, can make your friendly neighbourhood Gemini come across as… a little inconsistent and indecisive. 

On top of this, the Gemini’s excited social energy can occasionally prevent them from turning inward, so crystals are a killer way to help them connect with themselves on a deeper level.

 So, what is the best crystal for a Gemini?



A Gemini’s mind moves a mile a minute.  And while this is one of the reasons we love them so, it is essential for our fast-talking Geminis to find some time to put their minds to rest.  Sleep and relaxation is an important part of the regenerative process, and Amethyst is a stone that is tailor made to support a good night’s sleep.



Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. It emanates more positivity and joy than a box full of puppies.  Bright spark Gemini has trouble being alone, sticking to one task or finishing a project before moving onto the next big thing – Citrine’s healing ability to inspire decisiveness and direct personal power in an effective way is like a super reliable BFF that never bails on you for that guy from Tinder with the abs.  Exactly what the doctor ordered for the flighty twin.

Citrine also serves as a good luck charm for Gemini signs.



 Geminis have long been considered the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the zodiac: you never know which one you're gonna get.  Chrysocolla helps calm the duality and harmonises the energy, so you can make use of both sides.

Inspired by the energy of willpower and confidence, Chrysocolla will ease your fear, anxiety and guilt and bring hope.  With a Chrysocolla crystal by your side, you will feel motivated to transform your future ambitions into present realities.   



Connecting with an agate stone keeps you grounded and stable, rooting yourself deep within the Earth.  The airy Gemini walks around with their head in the clouds and could benefit from a stone that brings stability and balance.

Remember – this is a killer place to start, but while Astrology is there to teach you about yourself, and crystal healing can help enhance your natural gifts and talents – these hella magickal practices are intensely personal and you may find there is more than one (or in this case four) stones or crystals that can represent and empower your astrological sign.

 Keep your mind open as you explore which other crystals and stones symbolise the curiosity and passion of Gemini for you.  You might be blown away at how different stones can characterise different quirks of people born under this zodiac sign, bringing out different strengths in the endlessly complex Gemini.



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