The Best Crystals for You Based on Your Star Sign | Pisces

The Best Crystals for You Based on Your Star Sign | Pisces

This isn’t the first moment astrology’s had and it sure as hell won’t be the last.  Living life by the movements of the galaxy has been around in one form or another for thousands of years and those trends (and planets) just keep on circling.


Our current obsession with Astrology just keeps unfolding, in that blooming, ever expanding way that memes do.   On social media “Celebrity Astrologers” and horoscope meme-machines collect thousands of followers, it seems like everyone and their maiden aunt is joking about Mercury Retrograde, and the trend of categorising “the signs” as literally anything – Harry Potter characters, dog breeds, wines, fast foods doesn’t look like going anywhere anytime soon.


It could just be because we're all desperately scrambling for something to believe in, but maybe that’s a good thing.  The fact that we’re turning to the stars for guidance and to the earth for healing shows that we’re trying to connect with the world in a way that has maybe been lacking in the modern-day soul crush of living life tethered to our devices and desk chairs. 


Anyway, whether you’re super into the world of modern day magick witchy healing, or just a casual dabbler, using astrology and healing crystals as personal tools is actually just plain fun, and when you combine these two practices together?!  Well, that just takes the cake (or you know, the vegan kale chia smoothie if that’s your jam).


Astrology exists to teach us about ourselves, and the wonders of crystal healing are all about enhancing your natural gifts and talents. Together, they offer great way to work with your personal energy and grow.


While different crystals have different properties, some crystals are especially attuned to certain astrological signs.


So what’s the best way to combine the powers of these two practices?



Crystals for the Pisces


The Pisces fish is rule by the planet Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea and all watery depths, representing illusion, imagination and creativity.  Pisceans are decidedly spiritual and intuitive. They are creative and artistic, and they are emotional and sensitive. They are caring, kind-hearted and empathetic. They make amazing friends and have the ability to feel other people’s pain. They are the wise old souls of the zodiac, and for all of those reason, they make great healers.


Pisces are the optimists of the Zodiac, but they seek harmony between their inner and outer worlds, and because they are highly sensitive, they are often known to withdraw into a world of fantasy to escape the difficulties of the outside world.


So what is the best crystal for a Pisces?




Pisceans are sensitive souls, which is why protection crystals are top of the list for people born under this sign. Amethyst is the original birthstone of the Piscean and provides spiritual protection. It supports their spirituality and intuition, providing divine protection and inner peace. It encourages self-reflection and helps them determine the root cause of their issues, and in doing so, releases pain and stress. This Pisces crystal supports their need to help others and keeps in check their tendency toward escapism by promoting sobriety from nasty habits and addictions.


Generally speaking, all water energy signs can benefit from using Amethyst.




Aquamarine is the perfect meditation stone for the Piscean energy. It embodies watery energy and provides a calm that balances water signs and their emotional sensitivity. It makes heart-based communication possible and promotes harmony. It is an empowering crystal that helps Pisces improve their intuitive powers balance the emotional side of meditative practices.


While known as a powerful aid in meditation, Aquamarine can also restore the vibrancy and beauty of youth with its H20 based anti-aging properties. To release the healing powers of Aquamarine, rejuvenate your complexion and your aura with a simple stress busting ritual that helps to restore tranquillity faster than you can say Retinol-A.


Hell yeah water babies.


Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is ideal for supporting Pisces signs that go into the healing profession, as it is one of the best stones for healing.


Natural Clear Quartz stones contain pure healing energy that supports the body, mind, and spirit in a multitude of ways.  And while the Quartz properties are many and varied, giving it a reputation as a master healer, it is especially helpful for helping control how we think about and perceive situations. Clear Quartz can help open up the mind and elevate negative perspectives to a more enlightened point of view.  It can help expand consciousness and facilitate open communication. For those needing clarity of mind, Clear Quartz healing properties will eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.




Labradorite is probably the best stone for water signs.  Supporting self-reflection and transformation during this time of highly emotional and creative energy, Labradorite also provides protection (for your aura, your emotions and your interactions – something the profoundly empathetic Piscean needs on hand!). 


Labradorite can help balance the Piscean’s emotions, help them handle change, and inspire them to care for themselves, not just others.


The biggest hurdle to your spiritual growth is probably your own hypercritical tendencies.  Labradorite can help illuminate a sense of childlike wonder and focus entirely on protecting the magic that is purely you and propel you increased intuition, psychic development and esoteric wisdom. 



Remember – this is a killer place to start, but while Astrology is there to teach you about yourself, and crystal healing can help enhance your natural gifts and talents – these hella magickal practices are intensely personal and you may find there is more than one (or in this case four) stones or crystals that can represent and empower your astrological sign.


Keep your mind open as you explore which other crystals and stones symbolise the resourcefulness, wisdom and tenacity of pisces for you.  You might be blown away at how different stones can characterise different quirks of people born under this zodiac sign, bringing out different strengths in the endlessly complex fish.

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