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When you know exactly what to get someone, gift shopping is a breeze, it’s a pleasure, a bundle of fun!  But when you’re stumped, or have someone on your list who can be a little… tricky to buy for – gift shopping suddenly becomes a nightmare. 
If you’ve ever tried to find the perfect gift for a super fussy in-law, a co-worker you don’t know that well, or a friend who seems to have *everything*, you know what we’re talking about.
Well this year, all your gifting prayers have been answered.  We’ve done the hard yards and next level vetting to come up with a list of gifts that even the most difficult of recipients would sell their left kidney for!
Welcome to the inaugural Unearthed Christmas Gift Guide. 

What to buy for…

Your vegan little sister, who loves her doggo above all else, constantly raids your bathroom cabinet and has just *finally* moved out of your parents’ house
This mask will help clean out clogged pores with Australian Kaolin Clay, freshen with pure rosewater and lastly soften your skin with avocado and jojoba oils. Oh Deer Sugar is THE Non-Edible Bakery that focuses on handcrafting cruelty free Food For The Skin bath and body products. Delish!

Forget searching the internet for a more comfortable doggo bed.  The Barney Bed is the shiz.  We know, we know, it’s a total splurge, but my dog has one and I would sleep in it myself it’s that good! 

Something truly special for her new digs.  A custom made Lightcode mandala, created in relation to her highest energetic presence, destiny and cosmic alignment.  The gift that just keeps on giving.

And a piece of Celestite to place next to her bed – Celestite is like a celestial lullaby, place it on your bedside table and let it rock you to sleep with its gentle, calming, peaceful vibes
Your big sis, who reads a book a week, makes her own sourdough and never treats herself because she’s too busy spoiling the kidlets
A subscription to the Relove Print Book Club.  1-2 quality pre-owned books sent to her doorstep monthly. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

A beautiful jar for her sourdough starter, so she can keep it in pride of place on the kitchen bench.

Something beautiful and special that’s just for her (because she’d never splash the cash on herself!) – The Ancient Mayans believed the conch shell represented infinity, and her love and support over the years has been just that, infinite.

A little cleansing bundle to help her with those Zzzzzs. God knows when the last time she had a full night’s sleep was.

Oh, and a little something something for the new bub, because you know how much she’ll appreciate it.

Your Mum, who everyone says you look just like and tells slightly off colour jokes in front of your friends, but is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on
The ULTIMATE Chrissy earrings – because you know she could absolutely rock them.

The Wild Hearts Club’s perfect home décor ornament.  Hand poured in Melbourne and made from Vegan friendly wax!

A really spesh Christmas ornament, because you know she’s going to go all out this year!

A sassy thank you card with a heartfelt note, because you know that’s all she really wants anyway.

Your Dad, who loves to rock a sassy sock and who always forgets your birthday, but you don’t mind because he gives the best hugs around
A gorgeous calendar with everyone’s bdays pre-filled (he’ll be forever grateful!)

Our Peace Mist, to bring the outdoors into his stuffy office, perfect for times of stress and chaos (which we all know is Christmas Day to a tee)

A mismatched sock multipack, so he can mix and match to his heart’s content

The softest, snuggliest (ethically sourced, Australian made) merino sweater in existence – to take his hugs to the next level.

Your beautiful Nan, who loves to cook, is terrible at making decisions and has always taken you seriously (even when you may not have entirely deserved it…)
An “Essential” new recipe book, because despite the fact she’s been doing it for more than 6 decades, she still loves experimenting in the kitchen

The most gorgeous salad servers, for all the delicious new salads she’s bound to be making you

The perfect stone to fire up her “Apatite” (pun totally intended)

And a personalised Tarot Card reading from the Suburban Witchery, because she’s never been without some weird or wonderful dilemma

Your little bro, who’s always up for a drink and a chat and who tells your mum he “doesn’t know” how to use the washing machine, but will always be the first one to drop by to help if your dishwasher’s on the fritz
The perfect tee (because he never buys clothes for himself!)

A Leatherman multi-tool in a snazzy colour, so he’s fully equipped for all his tinkering.

The *perfect* bottle of gin, so you can rest assured he’s got something nice to pour you next time you stop by for a goss (or shoulder to cry on).

 And something nice to burn, because if he’s going to live in a house full of boys – he’s gonna need it.

Your BFF who has the best taste in music, always does your eye makeup before parties and whose love of all things pink extends all the way to her wine preferences
Huda’s all-in-one Nude Eye Palette – because you secretly want it yourself and you know she’ll share!

A Wonderboom portable speaker, so she can play DJ at all the upcoming festive gatherings (and save everyone from her Mum’s Bublé heavy playlist)

A Joos Cosmetica White Peach Konjac Drop, because she’s been eyeing yours off all year.

These gorgeous pink pieces of nature, so she can soak all the stress of the day away in the goodness that is Himalayan Salt.

 And enough of her favourite pink wine to get her through the festive season unscathed!

Your co-worker, who always keeps treats in their top desk drawer and never, ever shuts up (but means well underneath it all)
Possibly the world’s greatest pen and perfect for the under $10 workplace secret santa.

A sweet desk plant in a happy home* (*planter with a nice matte finish made from recycled plastic) to keep them company when you’re not at the next desk.

A Happy Essential Oil Roller to keep the office stressors at bay.

And some Design Your Own Monogram Cookies!  Because who doesn’t love cookies??  (We’ll leave it up to you whether or not you decide to monogram them with “Shut the f*ck up!” – could be a little controversial)

And finally, literally THE perfect gift for the person who has it all – this one NEVER fails…

A unique, hand-crafted, sustainable, non-GMO, biodegradeable, natural, kosher, vegan and cruelty free softly scented candle hand wrapped in signature linen.
This babe is the perfect antidote to the trashfire that was 2020. 

Hohoho and Happy Shopping.


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