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Friends and lovers, as you may have noticed, February 14th is just around the corner, and with it comes a *certain* holiday that has to do with love and romance and all that gooey stuff.  You know the one.


And whether you’re in the midst of manifesting a milestone love-in between yourself and your lov-ah, channelling a bit of self-love, or even trying to recover from a heartbreak (and preferably forget this holiday even exists), there is ALWAYS room for a little magickal crystal healing to open up that heart chakra and let the love shine in.


So, here are a few of our favourite crystals to attract love and romance this February, whether you’re in a relationship, happily single or anything in between!


The all-rounder…


Surprise, surprise!  C’mon, how could we not begin this list with the classic “love stone”?  Rose Quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries and remains the stone of the hopeless romantic (for good reason – crystals with aphrodisiac properties are great for igniting passion between lovers), but it’s not just romantic love that this crystal embodies.  The Rose Quartz stone’s meaning is one of unconditional love in any form.  Whether that be self-love, family, platonic or romantic love.


So, if you’re looking to open your heart and work on letting love in this year, grab an easy-to-vibe-with Rose Quartz and allow its gentle healing powers to fill you with the ability to accept the many and varied loves this world has to offer.


To ignite some V-Day sexy times…


One of the four precious gemstones, Ruby has lit the treasure troves of royalty for generations with its red fiery light.  A stone of courage and inner strength, Ruby surges with a pure, juicy, warm energy.  A stone of self-confidence, self-love and enhanced inner power, Ruby is said to alleviate guilt and bring honesty, sensuality and sexuality. 


And yes, red-hot Ruby stokes that first chakra passion in the bedroom (and bathroom, and kitchen counter, and even the backyard…  if it’s reasonably private).


For the single and searching…


When it comes to heartache, it’s all about balancing emotions.  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, whether it’s floating in the Cloud 9 haze of new love, crying on the floor of Heartbreak Hotel or anywhere in between, the fiery, yet comforting pretty-in-pink Rhodochrosite crystal brings the most powerful medicine of all – unconditional Burning Love. 


This stone is your ultimate wingman in the quest for emotional happiness.  Rhodochrosite’s loving vibrations can help you move forward after a period of doubt, and express love toward others without fear of rejection.  It will help you move from one love-chapter to the next, attracting someone who matches your optimistic vibes.


If you’re looking change your luck in love…


Green Aventurine is your jam.  Affiliated with the heart chakra (which resonates with the colour green), GA not only helps up to release toxic relationship patterns to make room for a more… supportive type of love, but it also gives your good luck the boost it needs to facilitate more cosmically-aligned opportunities — like being in the right place at the right time when it comes to meeting someone special.  Green Aventurine is a gentle stone that gives a sense of calm and enhances happiness, it also helps the bearer to see alternatives and potentials in any situation, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength.


By betting on what you love and are passionate about, you can’t go wrong.  Green Aventurine has your back.


And finally, for actually surviving the big V when you’re going through a break-up…


In situations where there seems to be no way out, Fire Agate comes in hot.  Putting you back in touch with your zest for life, fiery Fire Agate increases life force energy and stimulates physicality and vitality, helping us to take decisive action when life throws those curve balls our way.  It can also help you to let go of things that no longer serve you (*ahem* the ex) and attract into your life that which is needed (a sexy stranger?  Your one true love?  An abundance of chocolate and puppies?).


Fire Agate is the anti-can’t – giving courage, passion and motivation.  A creative stone that can help with blocked self-expression, Fire Agate is thought to be helpful in fighting depression, lethargy and low libido.









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