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In the Far East, the mineral Cinnabrite is said to convey immortality upon the bearer.  The ancient Chinese believed that ingesting long-lasting precious substances like Cinnabrite would confer some of that longevity on the person who consumed them.  But these days, maybe just keep your Cinnabrite stone close by – if you’re looking for something to consume to promote longevity – just stick to the kale smoothies. 


In the west and east, Cinnabrite is known as “The Merchant’s Stone” because, like Citrine, it attracts money and wealth.  So, keep your Cinnabrite at hand in your workplace (or any place you receive money) and its manifestation magic will put you on the path to those dollar dollar bills. 


The History of Cinnabrite 


This stone has been found in a number of locations, including Mexico, Spain, Serbia, China and the USA. The word “cinnabar” is derived from the Persian term for “dragon blood” and the Cinnabrite stone is sometimes associated with the Archangel Michael.  Cinnabrite has been used as a red pigment since antiquity, including as a rouge-type cosmetic and for colouring stoneware, but has since been retired for containing Mercury. 


Recognising Cinnabrite 


Cinnabrite (also called Cinnabar or Pink Epidote) is a pale green to ivory stone with red inclusions.  The inclusions often look like red speckles, red moss, or red splotches.   


What is Cinnabrite used for? 


This is a stone for manifestation and wealth creation and has been labelled as the 'Merchants Stone', so keep your Cinnabrite close to your Piggy Bank (or, you know, cash register or whatever grown up version of Credit Card swipey thing you’re using), to encourage a consistent flow of income.  It also aids salespeople, as it will increase your assertiveness and may aid your speech to be more articulate and more persuasive.   

Like a metaphysical antenna, Cinnabrite also encourages the development of your intuition, increases spiritual insight and works as a powerful meditation aid, no Wi-Fi signal required.  Cinnabrite has a sweet questing energy that asks us to look deep within ourselves to find the answers we are seeking. It gives us insights into which parts of ourselves are already perfect and which parts need to be tweaked so that we can enjoy greater peace and happiness in our lives.  Cinnabrite works within the Sacral Chakra, resonating in your centre of personal power. This gemstone enhances and invigorates creativity, the kundalini, and the flow of life force energy.   

Metaphysical healing lore says Cinnabrite is excellent crystal for physical healing.  Keep this one in your crystal first aid kit to offer to those who have long-term illnesses, as it activates and stimulates the immune system gently. If you need physical strength or endurance, this stone brings you sustainable energy. Consider it an energy fountain.  Better than a Gatorade any day. 




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