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Pro tip: Looking to up your magickal manifesting powers?  Now is the time to snag some specific crystals that align with *what else?* your astrological sign!


This latest boom isn’t the first moment astrology’s had, and it certainly won’t be the last.  Living life by the movements of the galaxy has been around in one form or another for thousands of years and those trends (and planets) just keep on circling.


Healing crystals connect you with the nurturing energy of the Earth, astrology aligns you with the mystical and ever-changing movement of the cosmos, so when you bring the two together ~BOOM~ welcome to the place where the real magic happens.


Crystals for the Scorpio


Scorpio is the astrological sign of extremes and intensity.  Ruled by the planet Pluto, god of the underworld, it should come as no surprise that Scorpios have a reputation for being the dark horses of the zodiac.  Scorpios are deep and intense, there is always more than meets the eye.  And while they may present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world, lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. 


Beautiful, kind, generous and loyal, but ultimately deadly when crossed, superficiality is a no go when it comes to those born under the sign of the scorpion.  They are known to be controlling and ambitious.  And don’t bother trying to keep up appearances around them, Scorpios couldn’t care less about playing games, the truth is what matters.


That said, sometimes the truth hurts!  Even when it comes to be truthful with yourself.  Whether it’s because it’s dark and scary or a little too intense, it can be rough facing your shadow and dealing with those unconscious issues and tensions brewing beneath the surface.


So, what is the best crystal for a Scorpio?




One of the most magical, otherworldly stones around, Labradorite can help the Scorpion illuminate a sense of childlike wonder and focus entirely on protecting and developing their own magic, perfectly attuned to the Scorpio’s ruling planet of Pluto (the god of all things related to the occult).


Not only is Labradorite functional, its form ain’t so bad either.  Believed by Innuits to have fallen from the Northern Lights above, the Labradorite crystal commonly has blue to green flash, there are both lighter and darker varieties. Spectrolite is a rarer variety of Labradorite with a full spectrum of iridescent colours. Shine on you crazy diamond.


Smoky Quartz


Scorpios are sensitive and mysterious souls, who tend to bottle up their emotions and get bogged down in negativity and emotional baggage.  And when darkness strikes, protective Smokey Quartz can soak up that negativity like a super absorbent Chux Super Wipe before it takes root in your psyche.  If you regularly struggle with depression, anxiety or jealousy, wearing a piece of Smokey Quartz can be a powerful way to stop those toxic energies from overwhelming you.




Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. It emanates more positivity and joy than a box full of puppies.  The November birthstone’s properties of wealth and abundance are some of its most well-known and as the ultimate stone of manifestation, Citrine will help the Scorpio not lonely to attract abundance and joy, but also to counterbalance their natural intensity with a calm focus.  Citrine also promotes generosity, so the prosperity and success can be shared.




Aquamarine’s gentle, calming nature in times of crisis can be the perfect antidote to a Scorpio’s fiery temperament and complicated and powerful emotions.  Perfect for calming arguments and releasing anger, Aquamarine is your cold shower wake up call, an icy splash of water to the face, it is said to assist with quick intellectual response and can bring inner peace, hope and self-love.  Strongly associated with the throat chakra, a piece of Aquamarine will help the Scorpion express their feelings with empathy rather than anger.




Scorpio’s self-critical tendencies are well observed.  Being the stone of selfless love and compassionate heart, sweet, yet fiery Rhodochrosite promotes self-love and helps emotional healing on a deep level.  Rhodochrosite’s loving vibrations calm the heart and encourage stability when tensions are high.  With Rhodochrosite included in your healing crystal first aid kit, witness an amazing healing transformation in your relationships when jealousy and anger evolve into forgiveness and loving acceptance. 


Remember – this is a killer place to start, but while Astrology is there to teach you about yourself, and crystal healing can help enhance your natural gifts and talents – these hella magickal practices are intensely personal and you may find there is more than one (or in this case five) stones or crystals that can represent and empower your astrological sign.


Keep your mind open as you explore which other crystals and stones symbolise the passion and deep, dark energy of Scorpio for you.  You might be blown away at how different stones can characterise different quirks of people born under this zodiac sign, bringing out different strengths in the endlessly mysterious Scorpio.


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