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After a doozy of a year, the festive season has snuck up on us with a chorus of “Time has no meaning anymore” and “Where the ever-loving f*ck did this year go?”


It’s not surprising that A LOT of us are feeling extra stressed about the holidays this year and need a little extra R&R to keep ourselves grounded, protected and balanced during this busy time.  On top of the usual family obligation drama and “What should I buy my boss?” dilemmas, we have the huge shadows of 2020/2021 glooming over us, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Time to calm your pulse, here are our top 5 crystals for a peaceful holiday season.


  1. Black Tourmaline


If you’re in the market for a stone that puts your fears and worries at ease and provides you with a veritable Oodie level of comfort and security – Black Tourmaline is the crystal for you.


Black Tourmaline works like a super absorbent sponge, soaking up all the negative energy that surrounds it.  Wear Black Tourmaline jewellery or carry it with you so you don't pick up on other people’s toxic energy. It's one thing to be compassionate and caring but it's the danger zone for your soul when you take on someone else's drama.  Especially at this time of year.


  1. Blue Lace Agate


Just a few minutes gazing at this peaceful blue pretty can slow the pounding rhythm of your overwrought heart to a comfortable tempo.


Between all the competing responsibilities and commitments of holiday life, stress is bound to arise.  Use a Blue Lace Agate crystal to shift your response to stressful situations so, rather than re-dredging up that childhood argument with your little sis, you too can remain calm, cool and collected and sink into blissed out “holidaze”. 


BLA brings calm, tranquility and a lessening of anger (yes, even when you have to make a last-minute dash to Kmart on December 24th) and a calming of nervousness.  It is considered a happiness stone, as well as one of hope.


  1. Selenite


Like burning white sage or sprinkling salt, Selenite can cleanse your space of ugly vibes left behind after a nasty breakup, a death in the home, or even just bad juju left behind by shitty housemates who refused to help do the dishes. 


Cleansing White Selenite, Satin Spar, Maria Glass, Desert Rose… whatever you want to call it, Selenite will purify the energy of your home and all who enter it.  It will amplify the properties of any other stones in your space to make a MASSIVE impact on the flow of energy in your home, helping to keep things merry and bright!


  1. Orange Calcite


The strength of red rays combined with the powerful fire of gold gives these orange crystals the powers to combine, integrate, and unite.  Like the sun, this bright ray of light in crystal form has the power to energise and restore, it magnetises energy around your centre and draws high vibrations toward it.


Fiery Orange Calcite encourages easy communication and the natural flow of joy throughout the holiday season and can also bring calming peace and joyfulness to your holiday gatherings by increasing positive thought patterns and keeping emotions steady and balanced.


  1. Emerald


Radiant green Emerald is a stone used to bring forth manifestation – which can take the form of prosperity and abundance, enhancing your wealth-gathering energy and adding a powerful gratitude energy to your awareness – making it that much easier to sincerely thank Aunt Gladys for yet another pair of pink fluffy socks this year.


Precious Emerald is also a great crystal for manifesting successful relationships.  A stone of the heart, Emerald supports truthfulness, cultivating the courage it takes to love and be loved.  Which I’m sure we can all agree, we could all use a little extra of this year.



Merry Christmas friends and crystal-loving fam.  Wishing you a sweet, peace-filled holiday season and a New Year that helps you forget the trashfire that was this year.


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