Crystal Advent Calendar | Eco 25 Day

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✨ And on the first day of Christmas, the universe gifted me...

An Advent Calendar with a big difference! Save those calories for boxing day pavlova and stock up on your daily good vibes with a CRYSTAL Advent Calendar.

This Eco calendar was created for those who have an original box from last year to refill, and those who don't want the elaborate original box, or just prefer something simpler. Each eco box is still lovingly packaged and is wrapped in eco-friendly materials, and the photos represent one of the packaging options you may receive. The eco calendar contains the same crystals as the original calendar, the only difference is the box.

This period of the year can be particularly draining on your mind, body + soul; start each day from the 1st December right through to Christmas day with positive vibrations. The best part? Not only does this box of goodness bring a little sparkle to your life for 25 days leading up to Christmas, but considering what it contains, it will continue to do so - it is the gift that keeps on giving.

We can't tell you EXACTLY what's inside, that would ruin the surprise, but we've included all different forms of stones (rough, tumble, jewellery, carved, specimen etc) and tried to mix it up with pieces everyone should have in their crystal arsenal, things you may not have chosen for yourself, rarer things and pieces close to our hearts.

Each day is supplied in a black compostable cornstarch bubble bag so the surprise isn't ruined. Each daily bubble bag is approx 4x4cms so you can expect stones of around this sizing. This calendar includes the same stones as the Original Advent Calendar so you and your friends can order either or and compare the individual beauty of the pieces that have made their way to you 💖 

Each day's stone comes with a little card letting you know what it is, and some keywords about its magic + how it may help you.

Cardboard Box. 25 Crystals ($480 value) in individual numbered compostable cornstarch bags. The inside parcel is gift wrapped, and the box is packaged in a compostable bag made from cornstarch.

Choice of inside packaging and ribbon is not possible.


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