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*Please note the photos represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive, however as stone is natural, there may be slight discrepancies in colour + sizing*

A collection of Pete's favorite things, enjoy!

See below why she's chosen the pieces she has, just for you 💕 

You will receive:

1 x Ganesa Incense in Noosa Sunrise | This is my all-time favorite incense and is reminiscent of the perfume mum used to wear every day when we were growing up. a sweet uplifting scent that deepens when lit. Extra-long sticks make the magic last.

1 x Mama Moon's Book of Magic | This is a fascinating read I have been saving for this moment. This book is a guide to rituals, crystals and manifestations. It is great for beginners and intermediates alike that is beautifully written and thought out. Bound beautifully in hardcover with matching gilding it's the epitome of the perfect modern book of magic and what books of this calibre should be.

1 x Crystal Ball Holographic Sticker | Peeps have been asking me about my custom laptop cover all year so I redesigned it for you all. Perfect for use on the car or basically anywhere, this heat-resistant vinyl decal with let you rep your Unearthed Fam everywhere.

1 x Mystic Hand Incense Holder | I couldn't leave you guys holding your incense now, could I?  This beauty is perfect for any surface and has little touches of magic, just the way I like it.

1 x Arise Essential Oil Roller | Living with ADHD can make you a little all over the place so I asked Shaz to make me a feeling. Arise is a feminine earthy blend of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Rose, and Bergamot essential oils with a grape seed oil base. This blend helps to realign your chakras and puts all the pieces back together. I also added some high vibe Super 7 chips for a deep cleanse. Basically, this bad boy gets you prepped and ready to... *insert upwards hand movements as if about to lift into the air*  ... ARISE!

1 x Purple Chalcedony Palmstone | Oh em gee! I love Purple Chalcedony soooo much! It's soothing like a hot bath after a shitty day. I strongly believe it should be in everyone's crystal arsenal, so, ya know. Here it is!

1 x Lepidolite Heart | One of the bad parts about ADHD is the anxiety that comes with it. Lepidolite is so soothing and calming when the world is a little too loud and overwhelming. Reading our messages over the past 5 years I see I am not alone in these feelings. Anxiety levels are getting higher throughout society as the world changes pace and old values and ways are left behind. Hold this heart in your hand and take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are a good person, a strong person, a "bad bish" and that you totally got this! Now go get it!

1 x Smokey Quartz with Aegirine Inclusions | Smokey Quartz is protective and cleansing but mixed with Aegirine it packs a serious punch aiding in a release of negative attachments and creating an auric shield. As an Empath this is a daily need for me otherwise I take on everything around me, leaving me feeling heavy and tired. Another high vibe crystal that provides the courage and confidence to accept yourself and others and to follow your heart.

1 x Shungite Pyramid | Ahhhh shungite,  my perfect, grounding, purifying friend! This carbon based mineral is scientifically proven to purify water and is used commercially in water filters around the world. I love shungite for its matte appearance and the way it diffuses light. I find it also diffuses feelings of self-doubt and can pull my spirits up even in times when I'm not doing so well. Also, it makes my water taste delish and that's important too.

1 x Unearthed Crystals Black Velvet Christmas Stocking

 Basically, I love all these things and hope you do too! Merry Christmas!


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