2021 Calendar | A3

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This is a listing for the ‘2021 Calendar’

This calendar is printed at a3 and it tied/ bound together at the top by hand with artisan string

I am someone who religiously uses calendars to organise and sort my life. I’ve always drawn and altered them in a way that allows me to track astrology dates, my own habits, and rituals. Whilst it has always benefited me, I disliked the fact that it made my calendars look like a pile of scribbles (I’m all about aesthetics and structures hahah). So I thought to myself, '“Jade if you can find it you’ve got to make it. So that’s what I’ve done”.
Each page/ month has a monthly affirmation, artwork, the full moon, and new moon dates, Planet Retrogrades, a monthly habit builder and tracker system, and a space to make monthly manifestations and reflections.

I truly hope that this calendar helps you create a live a more balanced and present year and allows you to grow in the way you dream of. You have the power to transform your life.
I know and believe you can make your dreams a reality. Let’s put ourselves first, heal, grow together, and support one another. I see you, I value you, 2021 is the year we start building our dream lives.

My calendar has 12 different pieces of art:
January - The Magic Gateway
February - Soul Deep Love
March - Chakra Goddess
April - New Moon Meditating Goddess
May - Growth in Stillness
June - What You Seek, You Will Find
July - The Moon Tarot
August - The Sun Tarot
September - What you see
October - Mandala
November - the Birth Chart
December - Start Choosing Yourself


This year has taught me so much, my body, mind, and soul, I've been able to reach and connect to the universe and self in ways I never have before. And with this newfound energy and connection to the universe, I’ve finally been able to translate my truth into art.

love and light,


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