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Blue Lace Agate




“Ain’t no reason 2 get uptight

When everybody else is feelin' a groove

Alright, alright?!

Stay cool, Baby”


-- Prince, Stay Cool

Between all of the competing responsibilities and commitments of everyday life, stress is bound to arise, use a Blue Lace Agate Crystal to shift your response to stressful situations so you too can remain calm, cool and collected. BLA brings calm, tranquility and a lessening of anger (even deeper anger issues) and a calming of nervousness. It is considered a happiness stone, as well as one of hope.

Spiritually, Blue Lace Agate assists in flight, grace, reaching higher spiritual planes, communicating with angels and activating the throat chakra.

Blue Lace Agate can help bring stronger intuition, inner knowing and inspiration, assisting in inner attunement and has been said to be useful in performing miracles. Even so, bringing his Purpleness back from the beyond might be outside even Blue Lace Agate’s abilities.