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For all those who feel we live in especially dark times, under the soul crush of an ever-present fluorescent bulb and omnipresent patriarchy, bright Danburite can lead us back toward the light. Opening energy blockages and enhancing the functionality of the chakras, clear Danburite open us up to those dreamy, sunnier states, unmarred by the proliferation of online trolls, Brexits and gluten intolerances.

Your Danburite crystal is one of the cosmos's strongest crystals in alleviating stress and anxiety, reassuring you that not only did you unplug your straightener, but also the universe is heading in exactly the direction it should be. Ridding your mind of the fast paced world and alleviating the constant stream of worry and checklists running through our heads on a daily basis, anyone can benefit from the clearing power of a Danburite crystal to keep the stresses at bay.