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Like a Duracell battery, Eudialyte just keeps going, and going, and going… blessing you with energy when you’re not at your peak or on top of your game, your Eudialyte stone will help you sustain the physical demands of making your wildest dreams come true.

Eudialyte is a strong grounding stone that will keep you balanced and aligned to your goals. It will fine tune the energies in your life and help you manifest you desires.

There is no room in your life for energy drainers, and Eudialyte is the perfect stone to aid in giving the (metaphorical) middle finger to the pessimists and emotional vampires who continually threaten to suck out your life force. Reminding you of all the skills and talents you possess AND reminding you what you can do with them, beautiful Eudialyte is a powerful protection stone that will help you let go of negative emotions and negative people.