Fire Agate Meaning




When life demands action, Fire Agate comes in hot. Putting you back in touch with your zest for life, fiery Fire Agate increases life force energy and stimulates physicality and vitality, helping us to take decisive action when life throws those curve balls our way.

Fire Agate is the anti-can’t – giving courage, passion and motivation. A creative stone that can help with blocked self-expression, Fire Agate is thought to be helpful in fighting depression, lethargy and low libido.

Also called Flame Agate, Fire Agate embodies the essence of fire and has historically been used extensively in the practice of alchemy. The flashes of fiery opalescent colour are caused by layers of silica and limonite, iron that diffracts light.   Traditionally it was used to inspire confidence in the shy and timid, helping them to be heard and avoid being bullied, use Fire Agate to summon the strength to say “f*ck ‘em”, you’ve got this.