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The green fairy who lives in absinthe wants your soul, but you are safe with me”


-- Dracula


Sweet, complex and infinitely powerful, invite green fairy Fuchsite into your life and get ready to travel through life on the wings of angels, leaving green and gold sparkling flecks like fairy dust in your wake.

When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly, the angelic spirit guides of Fuchsite gently lift us to our feet, whispering encouragement and guarding our sensitive souls from the danger of toxic psychic attacks. Instead of careening towards drama, the Fuchsite crystal acts as a spiritual compass, redirecting the heart to a place where miracles happen. But there’s no need to go searching for miracles, because the miracle is you and your connection to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Thanks to its ethereal and divine beauty that sparkles in the light, the Fuchsite crystal reminds us that we are eternally protected. Carrying a sparkling, radiant energy, promoting health and healing, fair Fuchsite puts us in touch with our inner child, naturally encouraging the fun, relaxation and joyfulness which can so easily be buried under deadlines, peak hour commutes and overdue mortgage payments.

Like a psychotropic absinthe for the soul, the Fuchsite crystal gives fuel to the fire that sparks the light of creativity.