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Indigo Gabbro  




“There's a big wide world out there, I need to get in

We have got to really stay together (we gotta stay together)

And I hope and I pray, we will find it someday”


-- Childish Gambino, Have Some Love


Nicknamed the ‘wise soul’, Indigo Gabbro’s speciality is digging up deep-rooted issues, expanding knowledge and providing the bearer with insight.

Also know as Merlinite, sage Indigo Gabbro knows your weaknesses and understands your strengths. Connecting with this stone strips you of false identifications and allows you to truly see yourself; it leads you to comprehend your full complexity, in all its glory, empowering you to grow beyond the labelled box the world has put you in. Indigo Gabbro gets you.

As a high-energy stone, Indigo Gabbro is used to increase and channel energy for Reiki and other types of energy healing. Employed to cleanse and shield the aura and psyche, Indigo Gabbro transmutes negative energy and can be used to remove entity implants where from terrestrial or extra-terrestrial origin. After all, there’s a big wide world out there.