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Jade is a stone that revels in history. For centuries, cultures all over the world have held similar beliefs on this crystal’s ability to bring good fortune. But before you start googling “quick fixes for my shitty life,” take a step back and accept that Jade is not a quick fix stone; it’s all about longevity and the long-term plan.

Jade’s connection with abundance is about more than reflecting the green of those sweet dollar, dollar bills. Whatever is in your heart, whether you are seeking to level up in health, happiness, success or relationships, primordial green Jade can guide you to bring abundance into your life.

Tapping into an ancient dynasty of wisdom, Jade opens your heart to all the wisdom, prosperity and unlimited opportunities the universe has in store. Dare to keep going. Working with Jade guides your spirit until you have a clear understanding of the bigger plan, ride those pure green waves to your own true beginning and who you are really meant to be. This beauty brings a (personal) “big bang” for your buck.