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jade nephrite meaning

Jade Nephrite




If you’ve been feeling low and passionless lately, it’s time to stop blaming it on gluten (or whatever the latest culprit is) and accept the fact that it might be from accumulated negative energies in your aura. Jade Nephrite is a protective stone that will transmute these negative energies in your life into positive and uplifting ones. Without the need to give up bread and cookies.

Jade Nephrite can promote a sense of calm, quiet and stillness – helping you to sit back and spend more time smelling the (metaphorical) roses, rather than anxiously scrolling your Facebook feed. Your Jade Nephrite stone will enhance your confidence and make you see all that you can achieve in your personal, professional and spiritual life, by inspiring truth and honesty and stimulating your thoughts and imagination.

Aiding the bearer in feeling secure and stable, especially during tumultuous times, this stone will promote a strong support system and make sure that you’re deeply anchored to reality.