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Most stones are deeply rooted in the elements found here on earth – water, earth or fire. Then, there’s deceptively forest green Moldavite, ethereally carved of extra-terrestrial fire and destined for purpose. A potently powerful stone that’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking to get weird, this could be the stone for you.


Formed by meteorite impact and associated with the Star Card of the Tarot, Moldavite strengthens and enhances inner journeys, channelling cosmic consciousness, mind expansion and maybe even contact with new friends from distant galaxies.

When wearing Moldavite, you’d best be mentally prepared and properly grounded, as this stone, in any form, increases the depth and clarity of inner journeys. With its appearance like glass blown by tiny green space aliens, Moldavite is one of the few stones with a palpable vibrational energy to the touch, and is surprisingly powerful closer to home. Its energies can be intimidating, its magnetic pull bringing issues flooding to the surface, ready to be transformed, but also shedding pure light on them for what they really are. That deep, dark issue lurking at the back of your psyche may no longer show those fangs and claws you’ve projected, once illuminating Moldavite gets hold of it.

Physically, Moldavite is BFFs with other crystals and stones, raising the vibrational level of all healing and is used in crystal healing particularly for hair loss, fertility issues and promoting new cell growth.


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