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Ocean Jasper




When it comes to precious stone associated with L.O.V.E., diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but true value comes from rarity, and the scarce and unique Ocean Jasper crystal is associated with the unconditional love that comes from lighting a fire in the heart chakra. A rare stone that comes from one place in the world – Madagascar – the marked patterns of Ocean Jasper give it an almost otherworldly appearance.

Let Ocean Jasper invite you to open yourself up to its soothing energies, to breathe in its essence, to acknowledge its gentle power, and to cast your burdens into the depths of the ocean it represents. Ocean Jasper will give you peace and allow you to let go of your woes and attune yourself to being physically and spiritually present.

This stone embodies happiness, joy, and all the good things in life. Let Ocean Jasper into your life and you will start attracting all kinds of positive and enriching energies.  Ocean Jasper is also a stone of strength.  It will inspire you to overcome your challenges and remain positive despite the difficulties.  It will remind you that you possess the inner strength to defeat those who want to bring you down.

When things go south and you hit rock bottom, you don’t have to believe that it’s the end of the world for you. The energies of Ocean Jasper will help you land back on your feet and make you feel like new again.

Hey, if they liked it, then they should’ve put a (Ocean Jasper) ring on it.

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