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Ruby Kyanite




Like yin and yang, salty and sweet, Moët and dirty fish n’ chips, the Ruby and Kyanite that compose this stone, work in perfect harmony to achieve flawless balance.

Grounding the bearer in calm, logical thought, while helping you to fly high with confidence, courage and exhilaration, meditation with Ruby Kyanite helps you act on the intuitive guidance you receive, and accept change, bridging the gap between inner and outer self.

With Kyanite calming the ever-chattering mind and Ruby stimulating your inner warrior, Ruby Kyanite is a stone of leaders, opening access to insights, spirit guides and ancestors, and empowering passionate, protective energy. Use Ruby Kyanite for a little confidence boost in public speaking, or rousing the troops and harness that power within. Ruby Kyanite for President in 2020?