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Rutilated Quartz  




Yin and yang. High and low. Pleasure and pain. The Rutilated Golden Quartz encourages us to go deep within our own psyche to gain clarity on the ever-present duality of the universe.

The emotional rollercoaster of life can be a big soggy wet blanket over your whimsical inner child, but this powerful stone can help keep it all in perspective. Helpful in uncovering the root causes of mental hang-ups, RDQ is reported to diminish fears and assist with decision-making processes. Graced with the golden locks of angels, Rutilated Quartz is said to be particularly effective at getting things moving energetically, helping slowed chakras return to normal spin and balance.

Diminishing fears and increasing the bearer’s self-reliance and ability to find your own way, Rutilated Golden Quartz deflects negative energies, and will drag you, kicking and screaming if necessary, out of the deepest of ruts. An effective anti-depressant, this stone eases loneliness, relieves guilt and promotes pure happiness, clearing the way to a spiritual awakening.