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A Native American legend says that Sunstone was created by the blood of a great warrior, who was wounded by an arrow. The blood, which gave Sunstone its shade of red, instilled his spirit into the stone. Just as the sun brings life to the earth, Sunstone will breathe life into your creative spirit. Sunstone is said to promote energy, vitality and inspiration. No Red Bull required.


The effervescent energy of Sunstone breeds confidence, power and leadership and reminds the bearer of the joy that creativity is meant to inspire. Use this creativity to inspire positive progress in your relationships, work and passions.

Sunstone will encourage you to reveal your hidden talents, heighten your sensuality and put a pep in your step when it comes to romance. Bringing Sunstone into the bedroom with your partner (or partners… no judgement here) can have a heady, next level effect, kindling and igniting the passions within.

Sunstone will also help increase your metabolism by improving your digestion and retaining your body’s vitality. So long Jenny Craig. I have Sunstone now.