2019 Moon Diary

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This is the original Southern Hemisphere Moon Dairy and is now in it's 26th year. Have accurate Lunar phase times and transits as well as void-of-course Moon times at your fingertips; also ideas for nourishing the spirit and the body. Calculated for the Southern Hemisphere . The Moon Diary enables you to keep your appointments whilst enriching your daily life with lunar lore, simple grounding practices and the myths from many cultures and eras. Packed with rituals,seasonal festival celebrations and much more. 

This lovingly produced and beautifully illustrated treasure will keep you inspired throughout the year ahead. The Moon Diary is handwritten and beautifully illustrated and wholly produced and printed in Australia. It has stood the test of time and has gained a strong following. The Moon Diary is printed using Solar Power on 100% recycled post consumer waste paper. The cover of the Moon Diary is gold foiled. All care has gone into the reduction of our carbon footprint.

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