Agate Table

$500.00 AUD

*price includes Courier delivery to all Australian addresses ONLY.


Each table consists of and includes, 1 x Natural Agate Slab + 1 x Black Metal Custom Frame. The particular measurements for this piece are as follows -


Slab || 28cms x 31cms

Table Height || 61cms


The Agate Geode this slab was cut from took up to a million years to grow, and will look incredible in your home for a million years to come.


Agate crystals vibrate on a lower, more gentle frequency. In general, agate healing properties are slow and steady. They aren’t as intense as crystals like clear quartz or selenite, but they radiate a soft strength to ground the spirit with a sense of stability. Agate properties connect with the energy of the Earth and they are thought to bring harmony to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional. Using agate during times of unbalance, when it feels as if the yin and yang within you are operating out of proportion, can reintroduce an equilibrium to your tempered soul.


*We recommend a weight limit of 25kg worth of items be placed on this item, and weight should be evenly distributed and be placed on a solid, flat surface such a tiles or wooden floors. Tables can become unstable if the aforementioned is not taken into consideration.

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