Unique Gargantuan Amethyst Geode Cave with Pink Amethyst + Calcite Inclusions

$3,500.00 AUD
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21cm H x 22cm D x 34cm L

This beasty is super special with Pink Amethyst and Calcite inclusions. Straight out of Argentina.

The name Amethyst translates in Greek to, “not drunken”. But before you write this one off as “not for you off due to your Friday night Pinot habit”, you should note that this potentially odd name comes from that time when angry Greek God Bacchus poured one out for his fallen homie, turning a clear crystal purple with the sweet nectar of the gods.  

Those ancient philosophers could have been onto something with the belief that it could spare you from public drunkenness. Maybe its time Amethyst replaced a penis straw as the Hen’s Night gift du jour… 

Ancient angry gods and public intoxication notwithstanding, the February birthstone’s healing properties are plentiful. Its purifying energy is linked to cleansing the mind of negative thoughts and releasing addictive behaviours. It’s also helpful in making a clear connection between planes, making it excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. Amethyst is used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience and clairvoyance and communication with angels.

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