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Unearthed bath salts are formulated to detoxify your body and clear your mind. 

Long day? Unwind in what is essentially a herbal tea bath for your body. Soothe your skin, calm your nerves, and say goodbye to tension. Relax your mind, then let our essential oil blend invigorate you from the inside out – it's time to take back your soul. 

This blend infuses your bath water with vitamins and minerals that suck out the toxins, leaving you feeling renewed. 

Our house-made bath salts feature a soothing mix of only the finest ingredients.  Whether you need to improve your sleep quality or you’re just recovering from a shitty day, our salts will help to relax, soothe, and revitalise your body. 

Containing Magnesium flakes and Himalayan salt that’ll have your body and skin thanking you, essential oils, and organic food grade dried flowers and herbs to soothe your soul. 

Available in 2 sizes - approx 500g & 250g

Ingredients:  Pink Himalayan Salt (fine + coarse), Magnesium Flakes, Chamomile, Rosebuds, Calendula, Lavender + Essential Oils



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