Boheme Cleansing Bundle | ASCEND

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Freshly grown and hand bound. These will fade as time goes by and become a dried cleansing stick. Price is per one bundle. Please note each piece will be slightly different due to the natural components. These bundles will need to be continually lit.

BUNDLED: Eucalyptus.

Size:  Approx 12cm 

We pay respect and thanks to Australian Indigenous cultures who regard the Eucalyptus as a holy and sacred tree.

The most widespread of Australian trees, the eucalypt (also known as a gum tree), got the nickname Fever tree because the use of the bark and resin from the trees treated fever and problems with the respiratory tract. The leaves have a purifying effect, and negative energies disappear when you burn a Eucalyptus leaf.

The clearing of this negativity allows peaceful energy and a higher vibration. It is well known the burning of the leaves can provide healing and purifying power by removing evil spirits, clearing family issues, releasing attachments, and encouraging abundance.

If you find your bundle is taking a bit to keep lit, it could be a sign the energy is very stagnant and needs to be thoroughly cleared. 

Once cleared, you should find the bundle will light freely and smoke for longer.

When the energy is unburdened and you have a blank slate - you can ASCEND.




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