Boheme Cleansing Bundle | JOY

$45.00 AUD
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Freshly grown and hand bound. These will fade as time goes by and become a dried cleansing stick - please note this, as when received they may not be as vibrant as in these photos. Price is per one bundle. Please note each piece will be slightly different due to the natural components. These bundles will need to be continually lit.

Allow 2 - 3 weeks drying time before using.

BUNDLED: Yellow Rose, Eucalyptus Nuts,  Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Snow in Summer Tea Tree, Sunshine Wattle, Rosemary, Eucalyptus.

Size:  Approx 12cms

The yellow rose symbolises joy, friendship, and lightheartedness. Combined with the protective qualities of rosemary and the optimism of sunshine wattle; burning this bundle will have you walking on cloud 9 thinking about the prospects of the road ahead.




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