Capricorn Goddess Print

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Available in A4 and A3, please select your size below.

Please note this is a print only, and does not come framed.

Fom the creator - Jade Crumpler of Nikara Studio - "I truly hope you love this Zodiac Goddess series and are able to feel a sense of empowerment, strength, and vulnerability in each piece. Each zodiac holds the symbol of their elements, ruling planet dot to help guide and allow each goddess to open up and find the courage to walk their unique path.

I’ve been working on this zodiac series for over two years. I’ve gotten halfway through a series and each time never being truly happy with what I had created. But this version feels right, I am finally content with each and every drawing. This year has taught me so much, my body, mind, and soul, I've been able to reach and connect to the universe and self in ways I never have before. And with this newfound energy and connection to the universe, I’ve finally been able to translate my truth into art. 

love and light,


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