Mookaite Jasper Snail Carving

$150.00 AUD
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Weight: 349g

*googly eyes are on this piece for a laugh - the girls had a long week and needed some fun haha they are attached with blu-tack and are totally removable...or you can keep them on if you like 😜 

Like a spiritual espresso, vibrant, earthy Mookaite is an excellent all-over energiser.  A stone of the “here and now”, Mookaite can help in grounding, allowing you to balance the internal and external and aid in accepting change. 

The adventurous, robust vibes of the Mookaite crystal make it the perfect wingman on any journey.  Calm and steadfast, the Mookaite Crystal bolsters your personal power and willpower to reinforce your nerve and help you trust your intuition to aid in making life's big decisions. 

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