Red Phantom Quartz Cluster

$455.00 AUD
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Origin: India
Weight: 1.156kg

A rare formation! Red Phantom Quartz crystals are formed when deposits of hematite coat the outside of the quartz crystal point while it is growing, over the life of the quartz point another layer of quartz continues to grow over the hematite layer completely enclosing the mineral within and creating a 'phantom' which appears as an exact copy inside the point.

This crystal is grounding and provides protection during metaphysical activities, enhancing telepathy and facilitates inner-child healing with other stones.  Hematite may help to heal anger and residual hurt from previous lives.  

Red Phantom Quartz formed from Hematite overcomes existential despair and restores life force and vitality to the body.  It is a good talisman crystal for business, as Red Phantom Quartz crystal enhances financial security, induces perseverance, and helps overcome frustration.

Red Phantom Quartz may be useful for healing old patterns and removing compulsions, addictions, over eating, smoking, over indulging, hysteria, and inflammation. 

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