Cordierite Freeform

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Cordierite was discovered in 1813 & is named after the French geologist Louis Cordier. The transparent gem quality variety is known as Iolite. The name "Iolite" is derived from the Greek word for violet. Another old Greek name is dichroite meaning two coloured rock, named so because of its strong pleochroism. Gem quality Iolite varies in colour as the light angle changes from Sapphire blue to blue violet to yellowish gray to light blue.
The Goddess stone of abundance. Iolite releases a heavy heart bringing peace & love, shining light on unhappiness. It shifts negative into positive & is particularly good for maintaining a positive light vibration. Iolite shows us gratitude, this releases negativity & reenergises the mind, propelling one back onto their spiritual path.
As a stone of truth it helps you to see & speak the truth in a constructive manner, to bring about the highest good of all. Iolite teaches us to be in the moment & enjoy life, showing us how to be still with love to embrace our full potential. Through vision Iolite tilts time through past, present & future, showing us how we have been emotionally burned in the past then healing those emotional memories.
Wisdom & inner peace are received with Iolite, as it opens doorways into enlightenment it guides & supports us through each step. Iolite is excellent for all periods of transition & growth. It teaches when to rest or gestate ideas & when to actively create. Iolite brings balance, it cleans the debris from the auric field & activates all light centers. It overcomes exhaustion bringing fresh empowering motivation, helping us to keep sight of the bigger picture.
As a Shaman tool it has powerful fire & phoenix magic. Used through dream quests it is an excellent manifesting tool that protects & returns the soul home safely. In the physical realm Iolite protects the bodyÕs aura from energy leaching & psychic attack, also dissolving attacking curses or spells. It brings trust in oneÕs inner fire & raises Kundalini energy into full circulating light.
Iolite will activate all chakra, however it connects strongly to the throat, third eye, crown & star chakra. Meditating with Iolite is an experience of your choosing it can be anything from blissful nothing to exploration of alternate realms. Iolite brings excitement, happiness & peace into the energetic & physical bodies.
Promotes detoxification, fat reduction, brain & nerve function. Assist with pain, stress, the eyes, migraines, headaches, memory, insomnia, nightmares or sleep disturbances. Improves degenerated conditions, digestion, follicle growth, circulation & immune system.

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