Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure by Vanessa Cuccia

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Awaken Your Sensual Energy Using Crystals and Healing Rituals, One Chakra at a Time

Not suitable for persons under the age of 18

For anyone who wants to unblock their sexual energy for a deeper sense of intimacy and feel increased sexual pleasure, the ancient practice of crystals may well hold the key.

For anyone who wants to unblock their sexual energy for a deeper sense of intimacy and feel increased sexual pleasure, the ancient practice of crystals may well hold the key. The flow of energy through our chakras (the “energy centres” of our bodies) is essential to our fundamental well-being and our ability to experience our lives fully. When chakras get blocked, the natural flow of energy is hindered, and we experience disconnection from our physical bodies. Crystal healing can release blockages from lack of attention and self-care of our own well being or from a physical or emotional trauma experienced in the past. 

For centuries, crystals have been used as a way of releasing and harmonising energy. Each crystal has its own unique qualities that are suited to specific kinds of blockages. When used properly, crystals can have a powerfully positive effect on our lives. Whether you're new to crystals or experienced with crystal healing, Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure offers all the essential information and techniques you need to get your energy flowing freely again, and open yourself to greater well-being, intimacy, and sexual pleasure. 

The book features: 

- A clear introduction to the bodies system of chakras (or energy centres) 
- How to tell if a chakra is blocked 
- Essential information on crystals and how they work 
- Explorations for the inner meaning of love and sexual pleasure 
- Specific techniques for using crystals to achieve greater intimacy and pleasure with yourself or with a partner 
- An annotated reading list of books, blogs, and websites to support you as you continue to on the path of crystal healing 

About the Author

Vanessa Cuccia is the founder and CEO of Chakrubs - the sexual wellness brand that utilizes crystals in all of their products. Vanessa is an apprentice of spiritualist Jordan Pearce, from whom she learned crystal therapy, chakra systems, and energetic healing. Eventually they worked together on a webseries called Patch Parables, hosted on Pearce's website, Spirit Science. Today, Vanessa is a guest writer for the site, which now has over 10M subscribers. While working at The Pleasure Chest, where she learned how to diminish judgement of self and of others, particularly with topics of a sexual nature, Vanessa met a woman showcasing her crystal collection. She found herself drawn to crystals and to create sex toys, after finding traditional sex toys made by men with synthetic materials to be generally unappealing, this was the beginning of Chakrubs. 

For the past four years, Cuccia has developed a cult following for her crystal products and philosophies regarding spirituality as well as sexuality. Chakrubs received international press from outlets like Vice, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and New York magazine. She continues to pursue knowledge of how crystals and metaphysical modes of healing may help those who have experienced sexual trauma or simply wish to deepen pleasure and connection to self, spirit, and others. She is a certified crystal healer and reiki practitioner residing in New York.

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