DIY Elixir Kit | Citrine

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This listing includes the tumble kit only. The DIY elixir bottle is sold seperately. To purchase your DIY Soul Bottle, click here.



Citrine Tumbles (approx 175g) in a handy pouch.
CITRINE | creativity, confidence, love, passion, manifestation, intuition, prosperity.
A curated elixir kit to be used ONLY in conjunction with the Unearthed DIY Elixir Soul bottle, or via another indirect elixir method.
The DIY Soul Bottles are designed for the indirect crystal elixir method. This means that you can use any gemstones you want, not just the non-toxic ones, as the stones don’t actually touch the water as they are in a seperate chamber. It’s the safest way to make Elixirs when you are learning as certain stones submerged in your drinking water can lead to aluminium or even lead poisoning.
The way the energy transmission works is easy. The bottle is designed so the energy from the crystal’s placed in the base chamber vibrates up through to your water. To get the most out of your water try filling the base with what crystals you are drawn to and then fill your water bottle, leave the filled bottle on a windowsill overnight in the rays of the full moon and the next day you are left with super charged water!
To google this simply search “indirect crystal elixir”.
Here is also a great little pocket book;
Also, check out this link for a list of toxic crystals; 

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