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Dream your way to health and happiness

How to dream your way to health and happiness.



Dreams can have a powerful effect on our waking life - we've all woken happy and refreshed from a particularly pleasing dream, or scared and sad because of a vivid nightmare. In this practical how-to guide, Dr Clare Johnson shows how we can learn from and guide our dreams in order to lead healthier, happier, more mindful and fulfilling lives. She takes us step-by step through understanding the language of dreams, waking up in our dreams, and finally transforming our dreams to improve our waking life.



Each chapter is packed with helpful tips, cutting-edge scientific findings, and fascinating examples of how people have used their dreams to improve their lives and increase mindfulness. This includes a woman who quit smoking after seeing a 'black lung x-ray' in a dream; a young offender who changed his ways after he dreamed of feeling safe and loved; and a woman who confronted her fear of death in a lucid dream and overcame it.

About the Author

Dr Clare Johnson is the leading expert on lucid dreaming. She has a PhD from the University of Leeds on using lucid dreams as a creative tool (the first doctoral work in the world to explore this topic), is a lucid dreamer herself, and is Board Director of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, the biggest dream organisation in the world. She regularly gives talks and leads workshops about dreaming, and she has written two critically-acclaimed, lucid-dreaming-inspired novels: Breathing In Colour (Little, Brown 2009) and Dreamrunner (Little, Brown, 2010).

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