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Amber Symbols

Interestingly, each region where amber is found represents a different era of the planet’s geological past.

It’s estimated that amber from the Dominican Republic is between 16 and 20 million years old. Baltic amber, which typically includes flies, ants and lizards, is approximately 40 million years old. Burmese amber from Myanmar is roughly 100 million years old.

While Amber is often regarded as a gemstone, it’s not actually what you can call a stone. That’s because Amber is just a fossilised resin from ancient evergreen trees. The oldest piece of Amber was discovered approximately 320 million years ago, so you can just imagine what powerful energies that this “stone” holds. Amber will work hard to make sure that you are only working with strong and positive energies.

True to its colour, Amber is warm and radiant.  Though often regarded as a gemstone, Amber is actually a fossilised resin from ancient evergreen trees, the oldest piece thought to be discovered over 300 million years ago.  Given its history, we can only begin to imagine what powerful energies this stone holds (though hopefully not the ability to clone Velociraptors, let’s just leave those f*ckers in the past where they belong).

Feeling a little off?  Cheerful Amber is the stone to have by your side to release anxiety and those stressy feelings that are just a constant of life in the twenty-first century.  Your Amber stone will dissolve all traces of physical and mental exhaustion, as well as aiding in eliminating fears and worries.  If you’re suffering from depression, Amber’s welcoming energy will stabilise your emotions and constantly remind you why life is worth living (it’s puppies, that’s why, and maybe ducklings).

Amiable Amber helps to guide your emotions to give a more optimistic outlook in life, helping you to focus more on all the wonderful things (puppies, ducklings, etc) and less on the not-so-wonderful.

📝  A note about Amber:  Due to Amber not actually being stone/crystal, it is warm to the touch, is very lightweight and is a very soft material that can scratch easily. 


MINERAL FAMILY:  amber is a fossil, not a mineral

CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  amorphous

COLOUR:  yellow, orange, black, blue

AFFIRMATION:  “my past is gone and has no power over me”

BEST FOR:  enhancing intuition, creating our own reality, manifestation, creativity, physical healing, wisdom, connection with nature, purification

ORIGINS:  Dominican Republic, the Baltic region of Europe, and Myanmar (Burma), Mexico, Sumatra

COMPANION STONES:  moss agate, epidote

RARITY:  quite common but those which include animal and plant inclusions are considered quite rare

Shape significance

Using crystals for their spiritual and healing properties can be fun and fascinating and is a killer way to connect with the earth’s energy.  But, when you really start digging into the magickal world of sparkly stones, it can start getting really overwhelming.


Not only do crystals come in every colour of the rainbow and serve different intended purposes, they are also found in many different shape formations.  Newbies to the crystal world may think the way a stone is cut or shaped is purely aesthetic, but there’s a little more to a crystal’s shape than meets the eye.  Just as the colours of the stones convey unique meanings, crystal shapes also matter. And while experts say that the structure of a crystal doesn’t change the type of energy it emits, the shape DOES affect the way you receive said energy.

We've put together a handy blog for you to learn about the possible reason or meaning behind the forms of crystals you're drawn to here

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