Covellite | Cut Base Freeform

$40.00 AUD
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Source: Peru
Weight: 211g

Copper is to crystals as cheese is to wine.  You can have one without the other, but YOLO – why settle for a half-life?   A copper mineral that presents a unique iridescence, highly collectable Covellite is an exquisite, balancing, calming stone.

A catalyst for manifestation, your Covellite crystal is both grounding and energising, a stone to transform your dreams into reality.  Covellite possesses powerful metaphysical properties, enabling you to properly harness its energies; achieving this oneness is where the magic happens – bringing miracles both big and small into your life!

Dazzling Covellite is the key to doorways into the past, a trigger for psychic gifts and an enhancer of lucid dreaming and astral travel.  Hold on tight, because this baby is ready for flight.

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