White Sphalerite Generator

$237.00 AUD
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Weight: 574g
Size: 15cm x 5.5cm x 4cm

"The fire of my physical vitality burns strongly, and my spiritual self is awake, aligned, grounded and centered here on earth"

Naisha Ahsian.

Sphalerite works very well for energising and strengthening the first three chakras.  Sphalerite is extremely grounding and helps you to draw energy and vitality up from the Earth and release excessive energy down into the earth.

Sphalerite energizes the first chakra, increasing one's life force, courage, strength and vitality.  It stimulates the second chakra, enhancing sexual energy, creative inspiration and zest for life.  It strengthens the third chakra, making for greater success in manifestation, clearer thinking and more willpower.

Sphalerite assists in grounding the nervous system and regulating the flow of energy through the body.  Sphalerite's zinc content stimulates the Fire element in the body, which regulates energy flow, sexual expression and creativity.  It enhances your physical energy while maintaining a grounded state and protecting you against hyperactivity.  The sulphur content in Sphalerite grounds your energy, assisting in the oxygenation of the blood and the recovery of muscles after exercise.


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