Goddess Rising

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Soulful connection to empower and unleash your inner Goddess to rise above and see beyond

Celebrate a moonlit pathway of self-improvement and inner work

Step into the enchanting world of the Goddess. Goddess Rising is here to ignite and guide your inner light and help you transverse the magical landscape of your deepest inner work.

A call to self-discovery through a collection of poetry, affirmations, meditations and cultivating sacred space to empower the Goddess within; to stand and embrace all of you, whether in light or shadow, as you move through the seasons of life. By discovering and connecting with the gorgeous, powerful energy of the moon, you are guided to set new intentions, manifest and release what is no longer serving you.

Most of all, this book gives you permission to start again, rewrite and recraft your own personal journey.


Author: Nikki Tegg

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