Herkimer Diamond Ring

$150.00 AUD

These naturally faceted double-terminated quartz crystal, known as a Herkimer Diamond, are just stunning in their settings! The stone is sourced from Herkimer, NY and are absolutely gorgeous. The stone is imperfect, as natural stones should be, but is, we think, more beautiful for their imperfections because it just shows that it's the real deal.

These raw quartz crystals are affectionately referred to as "Herkimer Diamonds" because they're found in Herkimer County in New York and they form so clear with such beautifully terminated facets that they sparkle like crazy and evoke the feel of a diamond. They have smooth, naturally formed faces and sometimes have neat little inclusions or refractive pockets that shine like rainbows in the sunlight.

Stone: Average 3 ct
Setting: Variable
Size: Variable

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