Red Agate Bead Stretch Bracelet | 8mm

$15.00 AUD
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**Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations. 

These are natural stone bracelets and should be handled with care if intended for regular use. They should not be wet at all.

Throughout history, Red Agate was known as the Warriors Stone. No matter which side they were on, soldiers would wear this stone to stay safe from injury amid battle.

At its core, the meaning of Red Agate is tied to passion, self-love, and perseverance. 

The fire-red color represents the flames of passion in life. Red Agate can help you keep that fire burning, ensuring that dark energy doesn’t dim your shine or stop you from living your purpose. Perfect for those caught up in a constant state of refusal, the passionate energy of Red Agate helps to instill a newfound sense of enthusiasm for everything.

Red Agate radiates vibrant energy that can energize your heart and mind! It doesn’t just whisk away bad thoughts. It replaces those self-destructive patterns of thinking with new ways to approach life’s challenges.

If you’re dealing with buried pain that’s preventing you from moving forward in life, Red Agate is a wonderful tool for addressing it. The fire-red stone stokes the embers of passion, reigniting a fight to accomplish your goals. 

Instead of just getting rid of bad memories, Red Agate helps you blast right through them! It encourages you to face them head-on, allowing you to choose to let them go.

Red Agate is also a mighty stone for self-empowerment. Many people suffer from feelings of doubt due to past experiences and tribulations. You might build up an emotional wall that prevents you from experiencing all the beauty of life.

With Red Agate by your side, you can break down those barriers and live life to the fullest. It imbues you with positivity, logical thinking, and an inspirational meaning. Rather than letting fear guide your path, it helps you stay calm in self-analysis.  

That might seem counterproductive at first, but facing your fears and inner doubts can often be the best thing for you. It forces you to see what’s holding you back and gives you some new insight into matters of the heart and spirit.

All of these emotional perks are fantastic on their own. But they’re also said to create beautiful secondary effects!

Red Agate is known for sparking creativity. Some say that it can manifest a creative epiphany. Plus, its positive energy and properties can have wonderful effects on bakers, chefs, artists, and educators.

Those emotional benefits might translate to healthier love life, too. When you open your mind up to forgiveness and compassion, love can find you naturally. 

The stone activates the chakra, helping you feel more grounded and stable. It can encourage peace, balance, and emotional bliss.

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