Lapis Lazuli Polished Freeform

$31.00 AUD

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that revels in history. Your unique personal history. Past lives. Ancient civilisations. Even the spiritual and scientific Carl Sagan 'star stuff' dawn of time, baby.

Start with self. Lapis Lazuli is a third eye catalyser, aligning you with the principles of your most primal rule your instinct and intuition. The best specimens are found in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Those with more gold flecks (pyrite inclusions) can deliver an energetic zap into action. While those with more white swirls (calcite inclusions) are reflective of a stone's power to clear energy that can mask your inner truth.

Then, take it further. Meditation with this stone can tune you into past lives, especially those with ties to ancient Egypt (where lapis decorated the tomb of even the great King Tut, shout out to Navin R. Johnson). Dare to keep going and ride Lapis Lazuli to your own true beginning that distinct moment where every molecule in you and everyone you know and everything else in the Universe began. Bang. Powerful stuff. Powerful stone.

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