Lepidolite Rough Blades - Large

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**Price for 1 piece picked intuitively for you. Sizes and colour may vary slightly.

Lepidolite will guide you from chaotic stages of life, toward calm times of consistent progress and positivity. While the lithium in this stone is said to be good for those with turbulent emotions, it's beneficial for anyone who is in need of a sense of stability. Transitions are tough, but with it will provide tranquility and balance, and the journey can be a little bit easier. 

Scale back fiery emotions, and let Lepidolite, the crystal named after the Greek word for scale, add some balance back into your mind and spirit. When intense feelings flash through you, it can be hard to find a place of calm. With lepidolite meditation, instead of chasing after the calm, the calm finds you. The Lepidolite meaning connects with all of your chakras, aligning them and dissolving energy blocks.

For those who are quick to react, carrying a lepidolite stone in your pocket can help you to take a moment to breathe and think before doing anything. That’s what makes lepidolite an ideal crystal for addicts. It gives you a greater sense of awareness. Where once you might have been inclined to do something, and then worry about the consequences later, the gentle support offered by lepidolite nudges you instead to first consider what your best options are.

The lithium within the chemistry of lepidolite is ultra stabilizing. Whether it’s addiction, stress, obsessive thoughts or another type of negative pattern you often fall into, the lithium within lepidolite will stabilize your emotional state. In this place of active calm, you can be aware, but not reactive.  This will give you a moment to make a better decision, and avoid the pitfalls of your past. With a tranquil and harmonious essence, lepidolite aids you in forming a new approach to life with patterns of positivity.

As a transformational guide, it is the perfect stone to connect to past lives with. It assists the present journey by tapping into your past life experience to derive the lessons that can help you now. So if your life seems out of balance, and you feel like you could use a breadth, hold a lepidolite stone in your hand and you breathe in deep peace and breathe out the chaos.

Place lepidolite in a place where emotions of stress or anxiety arise. The simplest way to experience the lepidolite healing properties is to hold it in your dominant hand, close your eyes, and take deep inhalations and exhalations through your nose. Whenever you are feeling anxious, whether at work or at home, you’ll be able to centre yourself with its energy and see what behaviours or beliefs are causing you unease.

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