Okenite Geode

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The ball formations in this geode are FLUFFY! just like a little wabbits tail! - touch it, I dare ya!

Okenite is a colourless silicate mineral which is usually associated with Zeolites.

It’s normally found as small white snowball formations in basalt geodes.

These snowball formations are clusters of radiating, straight, and fibrous crystals that are both fragile and bendable.

Okenite stone is often white, pale yellow, or blue in color.

Some of the minerals that are associated with Okenite are Goose Creekite, Chalcedony, Prehnite, Gyrolite, Apophyllite, and many other Zeolites.

Okenite was named after Lorenz Oken, a German naturalist. It’s a stone that can be found mainly in Maharashtra, India.

Okenite is known as the Stone of the New Age because of its soft and supportive energies. It will support your manifestation of your higher self-energies in this world.

It’s also a stone that will help clear the obstacles on your path. When the path is smooth and clear, the possibilities are limitless.

Okenite will also encourage you to forgive yourself and others in order to experience complete emotional healing.

It will give you the strength to finish your goals and tasks. The stone’s supportive energies will encourage you to break bad habits, and to grow good habits that will bring you closer to your goals.

Okenite will make you understand the meaning of karmic debt so that you will be guided in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Being aware of the consequences of everything you do will ensure that good karma will always be what you will attract.

This stone will prepare you for channeling work and purify your chakras and all your bodies.

The energies of Okenite will unify them all.

Okenite is also a stone of karmic grace. It will show you how you can truly forgive yourself so that you can facilitate the end of a karmic cycle.

This stone will help you in purifying your chakras before you perform channeling work, because this will clear the path for any message that you will receive.

It will also help you connect with your inner self and your inner child!

Okenite is the perfect stone to use when you just want to calm down and relax.

When you need to get serious about work, Okenite will also boost your creativity and imagination and inspire you to bring new concepts and ideas to the table.

Okenite will help you achieve spiritual enlightenment and expansion with its powerful angelic energies.

It will connect you to your higher self, with your higher spirit guides, and with ancient knowledge.

Okenite can encourage a good flow of milk for nursing mothers. It can stimulate and improve upper body circulation as well.

It’s also known to reduce fevers and ease nervous disorders.

Okenite can assist with the treatment of blood diseases and stomach problems. It can also help slow down the ageing process.

This stone is also known to be very beneficial in balancing emotions and hormonal changes.

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