Orthoceras Crescent Moon Tealight Holder

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Size:  10cm x 6cm x 6.5cm

**Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.

Most of you might know about orthoceras but there are still many aspects about this, of which you are still unaware. So, let’s have a discussion about orthoceras.

About Orthoceras

On the priority we should know the actual meaning of the word “orthoceras”. It means “straight horn” which points to a long and conical shell of a creature. 

Orthoceras are the sea creatures or we can say extinct marine animals that no longer exist in this world. These are ancient mollusks, the fossil shells of which originate and are polished at Morocco in the Sahara Desert. Exactly like the ammonites, orthoceras are cephalopod. 

The tincture of this fossil is gray and black which were in existence around 400 million of years back. This fossil is still appreciated for its usage as an amazing healing tool which aids the beings in their work on the issues of their past lives. 
The shell of orthoceras gemstone is quite straight, pretty coiled and varies in size which ranges from some inches to above six feet. After these shells get dead, these knock down the floor of ocean. Then the sediment covers them and then gets converted into stone where it is preserved in the black limestone. 

About Fossilized Orthoceras

In the period of Devonian geologic likewise about 350 million of years before, orthoceras used to reach above the length of 6 feet and swim in the ocean. After their death, these marine animals get preserved in a black marble. Today, these extinct animals are found in this form only.  

There is a belief among the people that fossils increase the life span, reduce stress, anxiety and toxins and balance the emotions. 

The quality of orthoceras fossils is similar to that of gem piece when these are seen in the polished form. In fact the incredible beauty and age of these make them ultimate decoration of the precious jewels. 

Healing Properties of Orthoceras

Now, you might be curious to know about vital healing powers of orthoceras so that you may also get advantage of it. So, here we go:
Orthoceras are also considered as the best healing charms and looks lovely when carried on the body as a jewel piece. Most of the people find it good to have it in their ambiance. 

Orthoceras are well composed of the physical and supernatural healing properties. These are admired for promoting success, wisdom and pride in business. 
Many healers use these fossils to raise telepathy and to inspire the mind of the people. By the tradition, fossils are usually used for helping out the degradation in fatigue, drowsiness, rheumatism and disorders in digestive system. 

The Orthoceras is quite grounding and is good for the Root Chakra. It also makes the wearer confident so that he may face the world without any fear. Many people prefer this talisman for the issues that are related to skeletal system like for feet, hands and back.  

Orthoceras are kept in the workplace to help the people to accept the beings who are older than them. So, match your requirements with the properties of this gem and try it if it gets toned.

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