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The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life

A new edition of the highly praised guide to astrological techniques and tools, with detailed instructions on calculating and interpreting birth charts, from world-renowned astrologers Julia and Derek Parker.

Curious to calculate and interpret your or others' birth charts? The new edition of this highly praised reference to astrology from world-renowned astrologers Julia and Derek Parker is here to guide you.

Explore the world of astrology and learn how to draw and interpret your own charts with this authoritative approach to the practice.Ā Parkers' AstrologyĀ guides you through the techniques, showing you how to use astrology to improve every aspect of your life, from relationships and career to health and finance.

Written in an easy-to-understand style, beautifully illustrated, and filled with practical information, it is an unbeatable reference guide for every aspiring astrologer and for those with more experience. Informative descriptions of the 12 sun signs, explanations of interpretative techniques, guidance on chart interpretations, and updated text on all the latest astrological developments makeĀ Parkers' AstrologyĀ the most authoritative guide to astrology.

About the Author

Heralding from England, Derek and Julia Parker were married at 25 years of age. Since then, Derek and Julia have become the worldā€™s most knowledgeable couple on all things astrology. Their expertise has seen them travel the globe and produce countless works on a range of topics from the arts, life, love and the messages of the universe. In 1965, Julia studied for the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. After completing her studies, Julia went on to become the facultyā€™s secretary, progressing to the president and finally one of its three Patrons. Julia has written the horoscope column forĀ CosmopolitanĀ andĀ Good HousekeepingĀ (UK) as well as theĀ Hong Kong Tatler. Her books includeĀ Hearts of FireĀ andĀ The Stars Shine Bright. Derekā€™s career began in radio but has spread to numerous written works on dance, opera, literature, and astrology including biographies of Nell Gwyn and Casanova. He has reviewed books forĀ The TimesĀ and editedĀ The Poetry Review. Together they have produced a long list of titles includingĀ The New Compleat Astrologer, Dreaming,Ā andĀ The Complete Book of Dreams. Furthermore, Derek and Juliaā€™sĀ Parkerā€™s Astrology, published in 2001, is regarded as the worldā€™s best introduction to astrology, for beginners. After lecturing all around the world including the UK, USA and New Zealand, Derek and Julia now call Sydney home.Ā Poems of Life and LoveĀ is their latest adventure.

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