Peruvian Barite Specimen

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Barite is a stone that resonates with the heady domain of thoughts and dreams. A powerful third eye and crown chakra activator, Barite in various shades opens channels to realms spiritual and subconscious where big answers to big questions dwell. So, lie down or take a comfortable seat. Then, bring out the Scotch tape and take aim at the forehead with Barite.

As venerated photographer, sidewalk hero, and saint, Bill Cunningham said, Freedom is the most expensive thing The opinions of others? Ugh. Societal expectations. Screw 'em. Bring on Barite to help you break free from attachment to things that no longer (or never did) serve you. In daily meditation, Barite can align you with your highest, unique-to-just-you ideals. Or more bluntly, Barite can help surface the insight and inner direction required to stop saying Yes! to shit you hate and start doing the real you without fear.

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