Pink Aragonite Rough

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Weight:  670 gms

Aragonite, in general, enhances sensitivity, generosity and the ability to give as well as receive. A very calming and centering crystal, which enhances and assists in meditation, as it supports a deep and serene state. A perfect piece to use when patience is needed.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, different hues of Aragonite cure the ailments of different Chakras: Whites and blues benefit the upper chakras, especially the fifth chakra, sixth and seventh chakras Browns and reds heal disturbances to the first chakra Yellows and oranges take care of the second and third chakras, respectively Green and pink shades of Aragonite ensure the well-being of the heart chakra. 

Due to its high calcium content, alternative healers use Aragonite to cure bone and teeth problems solve digestive issues. Aragonite is believed to alleviate chills brought on by fever or hypothermia. It may also be very helpful during a long convalescence, helping the body to recuperate to its healthiest condition.

The ancient Egyptians believed it prevented hair loss, wrinkles and bad skin. Hmm ... possibly the reason behind Cleopatra's timeless beauty!

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